Donate your creativity to help protect the marine resources of Palawan, Philippines and the people who depend on them

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Hello all… :)

I am currently serving as a coastal resource management volunteer in Roxas, Palawan, Philippines and I am reaching out and asking for support from all the creative and talented people in the Envato community to help in a fundraiser to make our current community and marine protection projects a sustainable reality.

I go by the name Vaisnava here in the AudioJungle community and I have created the account “Donate_Palawan” to raise awareness and hopefully raise some income to help support our marine resources which literally supports the majority of people in these coastal barangays (towns). More detailed information can be found at the “Donate_Palawan” account, but here in this post it is my goal to bring awareness to the site and ask for your creative support.

If after visiting the site you decide that you would like to donate, you can do so by uploading and sending your files to me at “” along with the information for your file and user name. I will link the file back your account so people will be able to find their way to your other files.

NOTE : Your file needs to be able to be sold on an exclusive basis, so it cannot currently be for sale anywhere else or on your other Envato account. If you do not want to donate a file but you want to help with a small cash donation, or just want to learn more then please feel free to contact me as well.

Current Project goal(s):

Primary Goal:
+ Purchasing a boat to be used for Law Enforcement of Marine Protected Areas ($2000)
Use the funds obtained by the fines for community projects, education and the continuing to protect and expand these highly bio-diverse areas.

Secondary Goal:
+ To build and install Solar Water Distillers ($200/unit) in the far flung Barrios/Barangays
Provide cleaner and safer drinking water to those who live in remote areas and cannot afford purified water. (This goal will be achieved after we reach our first goal).

Anything helps as the US $1 equals approximately PHP 46 (Philippine Peso’s).

Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat! (many thanks to you all!) Ingat (take care)

Forrest E-mail: