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I’m sure quite a few of you use Dropbox to move and store files but if you haven’t heard of it it’s damn handy.

Rather than carry a harddrive or memory stick around with me I tend to use Dropbox to sync files between work and home (and between the iMac and MacBook) which saves quite a bit of time copyin’ n’ pastin’ (and checking dates!) and means I can get my files from anywhere.

They give you about 3gb to use which can be upgraded and you can also share files with each other easily buy uploading things to public folders (or private authorised folders between users).

It’s also handy for storing your own GR files for access to use (and backup).

Worth checking out! Dropbox (? link gets you 250mb extra)

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It is great Not sure if you have done the referral link but for each person you get to join you get and extra 250mb also who ever you refereed get extra as well.

The standard non paying account gives you 2GB but if you keep reffereing people you can get up to 8Gb I think!