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Im looking for someone to code a wordpress? script that can do the following:

1) Site to Showcase entertaiment acts ie singers/dancers/performers

2) each artist is to have thier own profile page with the ability for the admin to add images/videos/audio

3.1) when the user visits the site they should be able to enter a postcode whereby a script is able to calculate the distance required for the artiste to travel

3.2) and based upon a predefined cost per mile for each artist (set fee of say £300 then the first 10 miles free then 26pence per mile after etc) the script is able to show an average price, with the optional ability to select a perticular day which affects the price accordingly, (ie Sunday +10% wednesday -10%)

3.3) the script is able to remember the postcode entered and display relevent prices for the other artists listed on the site

4) when the website visitor sees an artiste with an agreeable price they are able to submit an email request which is picked up in the back-end of the website

5) in the admin section of the website ability to send out emails/contracts to both the user and the artists which automagically have data that the user entered initially (name / address / dates etc)

6) follow the quote process all the way through to completion with the ability to tick that the user accepts the quote and the act accepts the quote and it gets added to a backend calendar, or that the user declines the quote and it gets stored.

7) lastly there needs to be a page where new acts can submit their details / videos / images / audio and bio etc and upon approval from the admin they are added to the site catalog.

Examples: http://tiny.cc/scottjorden http://tiny.cc/entertainmentmanager

Please can someone help, if this isnt anything for themeforest can someone please quote me for freelance?


My email is billyjames256@gmail.com