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(1) In the context of the Envato ecosystem, what does success mean to you?
  • Lots of sales and a jetpack :D
  • The privilege to help people with no big budgets or freelancers on a tight schedule to have a great website out of the box or at least a solid starting point.
  • Having quality design and quality code also means success for me (it’s like a personal pride to know that you at least try to write quality stuff).
(2) What do you want to achieve through our sites? What new things and in what new ways could we be helping you succeed?

In the context of making more sales and helping more people to make use of the great themes around here (some suggestions are only applying to TF) we need these things to make our life (and our customer’s) easier:

  • A shopping cart (hopefully that won’t be 2020)
  • Developer’s license (that stock license that appeared sometime but gone into the white afterwards)
  • Cheaper extended license for WP themes (no one buys them even if the terms would apply / as in subscription content)
  • Bulk purchase discounts (10% for 5 or 10 licenses)
  • Lifetime payed updates for themes (this would be something really great if it would be implemented – authors could opt in for yearly licenses and you could educate buyers about it / if a file doesn’t sell after a year it’s not that good to keep it on the marketplace and improve it with new features or keep it up to date. If theme license would expire each year, authors would be more motivated to keep their files up to date and buyers to use the same theme). This idea is a real win-win situation but it needs to be given a lot of thinking, and it would happen it would be awesome both for authors and buyers. http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/something-for-the-buyers/108235?page=3#891200
  • Better referral system: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/regarding-affiliate-program/38553#965765
  • More work on the surcharge issue: http://themeforest.net/forums/thread/2-surcharge-does-it-work-or-add-confusion/70128?page=10#916067
  • Auto-percent withdrawals at the end of the month
  • Way faster Envato support response time

The list could go on, but these are all the things that came into my mind now. I’ll finish with a crucial thing which pisses off (and you know it) the community here: the way changes are done. There’s no real beta testing or too much involvement of the community when dropping out new features and this is proved by all the complaints received both from authors and buyers when you release something new. I know that in the last year you guys tried to involve the community more and more and i really appreciate that and it’s awesome! But much more can be done in this direction.

About this topic, i’ve read something last week in Offscreen Magazine #4 which when i read i immediately said to myself: “this is how Envato should do as well!”. Here’s the paragraph:

When Flickr works on a huge project, they open up a beta bucket and invite thousands of users to use the new feature and provide feedback. The discussion boards are very active, and everyone on the project – from designers, to engineers, to product and support teams – reads and discusses every bit of feedback. Some of it is implemented immediately. Some if it is ignored. But all of it is read and considered, often for months, before the feature goes public

Do the above and 2020 will be much better!

(3) What would it look like for the whole community to be succeeding?

I think that i’ve answered above :)

Thanks for the questions and i really hope that we will see improvements as we already start seeing them around us. Good luck!

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hi Collis, thanks for this thread.

i have a small idea for Themeforest.

if any item rejected (hard reject) from marketplace.please add special note for theme author.every authors work hard for there design.so every users disappointed after reject there items

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Something like this for 2020:


Maybe then a link to Microlancer for related providers.

That keeps it all in the family.

EDIT: Okay those aren’t my real numbers, it’s a cut and paste job.

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(1) In the context of the Envato ecosystem, what does success mean to you?

  • I think being able to live from Envato earnings maybe an obvious choice.
(2) What do you want to achieve through our sites? What new things and in what new ways could we be helping you succeed?
  • One of the things I think most authors fight for here is to be seeing by others, to get enough exposure to ge noticed among the marketplaces. I’m almost a veteran author here with more than 4 years selling all my music, and besides I have my own excuses to justify why I’m not successfully enough (is not my main job, not enough time to produce songs faster enough, father of two kids, bla bla bla), In shot, I think is not due the quality of my songs (it sounds bad I know, by I honestly think my music is good enough) mainly it’s because songs are buried by other authors new items, and no matter how hard I try to share thru social networks or alike is very obvious that my sales go up every time I upload a new song. It’s, I know, the “way of life” but as a community we should find a better way so everybody can get a chance to be heard by most people for more time and therefore get the chance to be judge not by how fast you can create new songs to stay “visible” but for your music quality or whatever you do here.
  • If more exposure for more time isn’t a valid option, then a more solid license system could make the difference, if we can sell our music for more specific markets (movies, documentary, etc) with better/fair price options for authors on different situations could be a game changer.
  • Easier collaboration between marketplaces authors, In the same way you get your music buried by others it’s really hard to be contacted by VJ users if you are not a top seller or a serial uploader :)
  • Would be great to be able to sell custom music thru microlancer.
(3) What would it look like for the whole community to be succeeding?

More authors living from this ecosystem should be a good signal

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1.Success means to me is that everyone would know me for my works :)
2. Why sales and badges of course! (and someday power elite maybe? no?) :D
all the others have suggested most of the stuff in my mind. The others are a ways for authors to collaborate and split/send the earnings and a tab for bundles maybe ;)
3. It would look great :D

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By 2020, one thing needs to change and has already been an issue up to now. We need to have a fair system for exposure time i.e. all new files must have an equal exposure time. Otherwise it will become exponentially harder to sell here over time, and older files will have an advantage over new files resulting in a stagnant content and an uncompetitive market place.

Best solution is an automated system after review is approved which displays each item for 1 week. I think authors would rather wait a little longer for approval, than be wiped off the homepage in under a day – then it would become pointless to submit files here in the future.

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I want themeforest to be my tool to make my life as an author easier – not just a site/marketplace. I want well integrated stats, integrated help forums with email reply feature, hosting services, shared accounts etc etc

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Better Envato support? When they reply it takes weeks. Sometimes they don’t reply at all.

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1. A higher payout % for authors. 2.better support takes for ever 3.better thing to protect our work 4.shopping cart will be nice 5. and official envato app for authors 7.live support for authors 8.better options and stuff for elite authors

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Please don’t hate me for this, but i was hoping to see something like “Buy Unique” means if someone purchased a theme for a unique price which is like $4,000 or something the theme/template will be removed from the marketplace and the unique buyer gets full rights to the theme.