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Envato support is pretty slow. I created a ticket on the 28th of July and it’s still not resolved. I’m getting approximately 1 message a week from the support person which is ridiculous.
Sorry to hear about the time it’s taking to reach a solution :( . Your issue is a bit more complex for a number of reasons, and needed to go through a couple of different departments. It was last updated on Monday, so hopefully we’re not too far away from a solution now :grin:

Thanks for the update. I think the ticket status or progress bar would be helpful to many people. I understand that you’re getting enormous number of questions, but on the other hand we have no way of knowing if the question has reached somebody or not. ;)

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Not sure how support works now but other than email, don’t we have a support page to view the tickets?

Why living only with email and surprisingly the email fails to reach too without any mistake from user side. Some of the support tickets are much sensitive for authors – why risk them?