(Locked) Envato's Most Wanted - $7,500 Reward for Event Calendar PRO Themes

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Man, we’re getting themes across the industrial spectrum here! This one looks rad; your implementation of the Event Bar (http://d.pr/i/TQR2) looks fantastic. Great work.


And if we do end up getting another two weeks, I definitely have some plans for some more custom features. I just thought I ran out of time. :)

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This is my vote for extending it a bit longer. Everything submitted so far in this thread has been beautiful. I was hoping to see some themes designed as event calendars first and foremost, instead of other niche-focused sites with really great calendars incorporated into them.

I really appreciate all the work put into these – it makes me feel like there’s still hope for event calendars/management in WordPress!

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Envato team

We reached our deadline and this event is now over!!

Hey everyone, unfortunately we’re not able to extend the contest, and this particular Envato’s Most Wanted is now over! We certainly encourage you to keep developing and uploading your Events Calendar themes as the functionality they provide is quite outstanding and in very high demand.

Thank you to everyone for the excellent submissions! We’ll announce all the winners in a few weeks from today (please do not contact us about status of prizes). If you entered and haven’t already done so, be sure to sign the authorization form! Good luck! :)

As always keep your eye on Envato Notes and the forums for future theme opportunities!