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Good luck everyone! We didn’t make it in time, and we totally guess that there won’t be a time extension, heh! We’ll be though submitting the theme by tomorrow or the day after!

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Envato team

We reached our deadline and this event is now over!!

Even if you didn’t get a chance to submit to this Most Wanted event, it’s never too late to still have a successful BuddyPress theme on ThemeForest!

In addition to social functionality being in users’ top 3 most requested theme features, to help fuel your future designs we thought we’d let you in on some of the key social ingredients ThemeForest visitors are searching for:

  • Dating and relationship themes geared towards facilitating romantic and/or social gatherings.
  • Directory themes for organizing and submitting listings of all kinds.
  • Themes with special support for reviews and community ratings.
  • Themes that pay special attention to the login/membership process and bring it to the forefront of the site.
  • Themes that can be used for managing clubs and community organizations.

Happy theming!