(Locked) Envato’s Most Wanted: Directory & Listing Themes - $10,000

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Sad to see that no new theme decided to change the layout, it’s all that obsolete placement of a huge map on top, above list entries. Why is it so hard to at least give the option to show the map on the side (sidebar) while scrolling down through the list entries?

Do you mean something like this?

sidebar map

that’s cool, we’ll try also try to create a version like this for both of our directory themes,

the only inconvenience / limitation with this layout is when it comes to mobile view, the map cannot stay on the left side otherwise the UX is poor so it needs to either be on top and listings under it or vice-versa

anyway thanks guys for sharing this screenshot it’s inspiring and good luck when you publish it



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Envato team

We reached our deadline and this event is now over!!

This particular Envato’s Most Wanted is now over. We typically wait a week to make sure any held/resubmitted items are processed before establishing the full set of winners. We’ll then announce all the winners and winners will receive their prizes in about 2-3 weeks from today (please do not contact us about status of prizes).

If you entered and haven’t already done so, be sure to sign the entry form! Good luck! :)