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We want to make a few suggestions regarding the popular Envato’s Most Wanted competitions.

1. Currently when a item wins the Envato’s Most Wanted competition the author receives a badge (won a competition). Wouldn’t it be more appropriate if the item gets a recommendation with “This item had won a competition” badge similar to “This item was featured on CodeCanyon”?

The reason for this suggestion is when an author’s items have won more than 1 competition, still the author gets 1 badge (won a competition). Also there is no way to say which items won the competitions.

2. When the winners are announced, it would be better if the Envato’s Most Wanted competition thread is updated with the info that winners are announced. This is what usually happens but in the case of the last competition Envato’s Most Wanted: eCommerce Plugins the results were declared on Envato Notes and a new thread ( was posted. But we didn’t realize we won until a fellow author sent a congratulation message as we used to check the Envato’s Most Wanted competition thread for the results.

Please feel free to add your points.

As a side note

1. The Winners for Envato’s Most Wanted: eCommerce Plugins ( are announced and you can check the results at

2. We won in a couple of categories for Best WooCommerce Plugins

Best Back-End Enhancement Plugin Best Marketing/Engagement Plugin

Congrats to all the participants and winners.

Thanks. Cheers…