(Locked) Envato's Most Wanted: Micro Niche Themes & Templates (Part 2) - $15,000

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Envato team

This event is now over. Winners announced!

Envato's Most Wanted

Since launching our first Micro Niche Most Wanted contest last year, we’ve seen loads of amazing theme submissions from ThemeForest authors both old and new.

With the stellar response and designs we received in the first contest we’re extremely excited to announce a follow up “Most Wanted, Part II” contest with a total bounty of $15,000 making it the biggest event on ThemeForest ever!

We are also opening this contest up to all platforms on ThemeForest – WordPress, HTML, CMS, eCommerce, Tumblr, Ghost and Muse. So if you didn’t get around to creating a Micro Niche Theme the first time around (or even if you did), now’s your chance to dive into this exciting growth area and win some great prizes as well!

What is a Micro Niche Theme?

A “Micro Niche Theme” is a theme designed for practical real life purposes, not abstract or generalized scenarios. With several million visitors each month, ThemeForest is bursting with opportunity here as many people are looking for something specific that meets their needs and expectations.

By finding the right Micro Niche, you can quickly move up on the sales chart, and get in front of the largest audience of active theme buyers on the planet. All Micro Niche Themes uploaded between 17th March and 4th June will be eligible to win one or more of our 12 cash prizes!

Best Item Prizes

  • Best Overall: $3,000
  • Runner up: $2,000

See eligibility details below

Micro Niche Category Prizes

We have 10 Micro Niche category prizes. The best theme in each category wins $1,000. We’ve put some examples to help you choose a Micro Niche you wish to create!

  1. Sports & Recreation: $1,000
    Yoga, Surfing, Fishing, Tennis, Camping & Hiking, Paintball, Squash, Bowling, Swimming Pools, Gymnastics, Kayaks & Paddle, Skateboards & Rollerblades, Skiing & Snowboarding, Skating Rinks, Archery, Badminton, Scuba Diving, Skydiving, Go Karting, Boats & Jet Skis, Water Skiing, Bungee Jumping, Mountain Biking, Extreme Sports and more!

  2. Entertainment: $1,000
    Casinos, Zoos, Theaters, Museums, Comedy Clubs, Circus, Aquariums, Stadiums & Arenas, Amusement Parks and more!

  3. Education & Learning: $1,000
    Tutoring, Music Schools, Dance Schools, Drama School, Art Schools, Cooking Schools, Trade Schools, Training Centers, Certification Programs, Webinar Series, Continuing Education Courses and more!

  4. Automotive: $1,000
    Car Washes, Parking, Towing, Body Shops, Roadside Assistance and more!

  5. Business Services: $1,000
    Insurance, Investing, Brokers, Foreign Currency Exchange, Accountants, Travel Agent, IT Services, Wedding & Venues, Funeral Services & Cemeteries, Removals & Storage, Couriers, Movers, Catering, Pest Control, Nannying, Dry Cleaning & Laundry, Resume, Shoe Repair, Watch Repair, Phone Repair, Dressmaking & Alterations and more!

  6. Travel & Transport: $1,000
    Taxis, Limos, Buses & Coaches, Airports, Boating and more!

  7. Food & Beverages: $1,000
    Supermarket & Grocery Stores, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Butcher, Cake Shop, Confectionery, Farmers Market, Fruits & Vegetables, Juice Bar, Bottle Shops, Coffee Shops & Roasters, Chocolatier, Delis and more!

  8. Accommodation: $1,000
    Campgrounds & Caravan Parks, Retirement Communities, Nursing Homes, Serviced Apartments, Mobile Homes and more!

  9. Religion: $1,000
    Churches, Temples, Mosques, Synagogues and more!

  10. Other / Misc: $1,000
    Have an idea for a Micro Niche that we’ve not thought of? This is the prize category for you!

Micro Niche themes MUST include the following to be eligible

If a theme does not meet these eligibility criteria then it won’t be able to win a prize, and these will also be key factors in judging the ‘Best Item’ winners. So please make sure your theme includes the following:

  • A theme should have a single, clear niche and purpose. We love and appreciate a good multipurpose theme, but for this event we’re looking for themes that only cater to a specific niche (multiple/alternate demos for related micro niches within that niche are okay)
  • A theme should have a live preview / demo site that effectively captures the look & feel of the specific niche.
  • All demo site images, text and copy must be theme/niche specific. It must either contextually describe and highlight your theme features and/or be relevant to your theme’s content and niche. Themes with ‘placeholder’ text or images in the live preview will not be eligible (e.g. “lorem ipsum”)
  • A theme should have all the needed page templates and functionality to meet that niche’s specific website needs.

It’s a Contest!

This Envato’s Most Wanted is a contest. And like any contest, you don’t want to be disqualified because you didn’t follow the rules. So as well as carefully following the procedure below, make sure you read the details in full!

Here are the key details:

  • Upload your items to Envato Market on or after Tuesday, 17th March and before the competition closes on Thursday, June 4th at 23.59 AEST time.
  • The winning files will get a share of $15,000.
  • All winners will receive the much-desired “Won a Most Wanted Contest” badge.
  • An author can enter as many items as they wish.
  • An author can win multiple prizes but only for different items.
  • Multiple submissions from the same author must be different to one another.
  • A theme should have a single, clear niche and purpose.
  • A theme should have a demo that captures the look & feel of the specific niche.
  • A theme should have all the needed page templates and functionality to meet that niche’s specific needs. This will be key criteria in judging the ‘Best Item’ winners.
  • If only one (1) item is entered to a category prize, this does not automatically guarantee it will win the prize.
  • Final eligibility of items is determined by Envato staff.
  • Envato staff to judge “Best Item” and “Micro Niche Category” prize winners.
  • Prizes are payable only via PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill.
  • Only new items uploaded to the site within the contest time period are eligible.
  • The entry deadline is based on the date of the final submission/resubmission leading to the item’s approval on Envato Market. Not the date of final approval.

We’ll announce the winners a week or two after the event closes, and send out the prizes two or three weeks after that. So, let’s get started. To be in the running, follow our procedure to the letter!

How to Enter Your Items

What to Do After Your Items Are Approved

Once your items have been approved, do the following as soon as you can:

  • Complete the Most Wanted Entry Agreement. By doing this, you agree to keep any winning entries online for a minimum of two years.
  • Post your approved entries in this thread.

It’s as simple as that! Good luck!

Please Read Full Terms & Conditions Here

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Awesome! Thanks for the contest Envato :)

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Thnks Envato :)

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Two questions:
1. A site with cooking recipes is eligible? (If is to say, it’s like a “Cooking School”).
2. Can we create themes that will fit in similar categories? For example a theme that can be used for: Music Schools, Dance Schools, Drama School or Art Schools.


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Excellent! This came at just the right time for my niche theme I’m building now. Good luck all!

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Thank it’s very nice :D :D

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Awesome news for the March, guys! We’re on the track! :)

As for the suggestion with niche theme. What about niche with selling “non tangible” products. Let’s say “books”, “graphicriver.net” products, “audio recording” and so on.


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Btw, guys

I’ve subscribed on MOST WANTED ENVATO email list, but never received the email from you about the content :(. That’s pity. Can you please recheck woorockets at gmail dot com?

Much appreciated.

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Thanks envato.

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Damn, I just uploaded my niche HTML template 2 weeks ago. Oh well, time to create another I guess :)

One question – Will WP themes have a better chance to win over HTML templates due to the additional functionality? Or will judging be based solely on the design and included features, not back end functionality?

Great competition, cheers!