(Locked) Envato's Most Wanted: WPML and WooCommerce WordPress Themes

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Envato team

This event is now over. Winners Announced!

Envato's Most Wanted

We’ve partnered up with OnTheGoSystems the creators of the Multilingual plugin WPML to run an Envato’s Most Wanted for WPML + WooCommerce Themes on ThemeForest.

They’ve been very generous in offering up $8,000 in prize money, so be one of the first 10 to have a WPML + WooCommerce Theme uploaded and approved and we’ll hand out $350 per theme.

We’re also running a Best Item Contest where authors of all WPML + WooCommerce Theme submitted between September 23rd and November 25th will have a chance to win the following cash prizes:

  • 1st Place: $2,500
  • 2nd Place: $1,250
  • 3rd Place: $750

Items must have the following features to be eligible for a race & contest prize:
  • Theme must be WooCommerce ready.
  • Theme must be WPML / Translation ready.
  • Includes support for RTL language, via an rtl.css design file.
  • Includes a custom language switcher, designed to match the theme.
  • Includes a currency switcher in a convenient and usable location.
  • Uses responsive page layout, which works correctly with texts in different language lengths.
To be eligible themes must have the above features working in the live preview demo. Visit WPML for documentation on their Requirements Tutorial page. Any extra features that relate to a specific WPML WooCommerce theme will help with your chances of winning. Here are some examples of the type of files we’re looking for:

To Help You Get Started


To help you get started, if you have a theme, the WPML team offers theme developers the WPML plugin for free! Just fill out this WPML Plugin Request Form to get started. Once you are confirmed as an author the WPML team will be in touch on how you can get the plugin.

The WPML team have also created a helpful video that shows you how to integrate WPML correctly: They have also provided a great tutorial to help you get started:

The WPML team is available throughout the event, and if you have any questions related to the integration of the WPML plugins, support can be obtained when you sign up for the WPML Go-Global Program Forum.

It’s a Race & Contest!

This Envato’s Most Wanted is a race & contest. Like any contest, you don’t want to be disqualified because you didn’t follow the rules. So carefully follow the procedures below, and make sure you completely read the Full Terms and Conditions. Here are the key details:
  • Submit your items on or after Tuesday, September 23rd and before the competition closes on Tuesday, November 25th at 23.59PM AEDT time.
  • The winning themes will get a share of $8,000.
  • WPML staff will vote on prize winners.
  • An author can enter as many items as they wish.
  • An author can win multiple prizes but only for different items
  • An author can only win two (2) of the first 10 prizes.
  • An author is allowed to convert an existing portfolio item (eg PSD template or CMS theme).
  • This event is for new items only. Updates to existing items are not eligible.
  • First 10 winners will receive the much-desired Most Wanted Bounty Winner Badge
  • Best Item winners will receive the much-desired “Won a Contest” badge.
  • Final eligibility of entries for prizes are determined by Envato staff.
  • Multiple submissions from the same author must be different from one another.
  • Prizes are payable only via PayPal or Moneybookers/Skrill.
We’ll announce the winners a week or two after the event closes, and send out the prizes two or three weeks after that. So, let’s get started. To be in the running, follow our procedure to the letter!

How to Submit Your Items

What to Do After Your Items Are Approved

Once your items have been approved, do the following as soon as you can:
  • Complete the Most Wanted Entry Agreement. By doing this, you agree to keep any winning entries online for a minimum of two years.
  • Post your approved entries in this thread.
It’s as simple as that! Good luck!

Please Read Full Terms & Conditions Here

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Good luck for everyone, hope we’ll finish our template before deadline :-)

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Cool! May consider this :)

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Good luck to everyone. Thanks to envato! especially ShaneFreer. Thank you! he is great to help authors and professional work!

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Wow, so excited. We will try it now <3

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Good motivation!

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Does a theme submitted without WooCommerce support but updated later count? Let me give an example:

  • I release a new item without WooCommerce & WPML support on the 15th of October
  • I update the theme adding WooCommerce & WPML support on the 15th of November

Is my theme compatible for the three grand prizes?

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Awesome contest. Good luck developers!

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Good luck developers!

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Good luck! ))