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Hi again guys,

EuroCv is a not for profit project. It helps to create a complete Europass CV. It is free for the users and companies. The companies can connect their softwares by SOAP protocol to EuroCv Server.
EuroCv is used by the most important Universities of Europe like the NewCastle University in UK.
Our project needs a new template more clear and sexy. Does anybody here could help us to create these templates?
We needs these pages:

1. Homepage
2. User Control Panel
3. Curriculum Page
4. Customized Icons

- http://www.eurocv.eu/images/various/eurocv_tour.gif
- http://www.eurocv.eu/about.php

The project needs a new Sexy Institutional Style. We can offer high visibility to the Graphic designers in our Staff web pages and in our conferences and meetings. All the graphic designers interested in this collaboration can send the project idea.

Best Regards,
Federica Lucci
EuroCv Staff
Human Resource Europe
Show your knowledge and your work strength in all the world.
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