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You can avoid this if u ask the 50% before working, and ask for the remaining 50% once u´ve finished the work, before sending the final files

Well said mate.

Without commitment, your client won’t take you seriously. You should not waste your time on any project without down-payment. If the job is for you; then it is for you. Don’t be eager to accept any job. Get the client committed first before investing your time.
Yes you are perfectly right. Now I learned my lesson.

Don’t understand it wrong, but You should learn your lesson before, as You said it wasn’t your first time this happend to You ;)

@Giallo – that is exactly what I every time do.

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Yeah excactly, once te client is committed he will respect you also more. By the way I understnd SomethingDesign, sometime you can get a bit nervous to ask money before, but get comfortable with it, is our standard way of working online and there are so many good customers out there that you can say no to the ones wic not satisfy your conditions. good luck!

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I’m relatively new working online. I am accustomed with offline long term clients. Giallo and Survivor are right sometimes when ask money before I feel like starting with wrong foot and yes I did the same mistake before. But now the show is over I will rise my prices and always ask 50% before. Thanks for all your support.

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Heavily watermark and crop the work/sketches and give the final product after the payment has been made. Regarding this incident, you could wait a couple of days after which you can start a new thread for untrusted clients and post his details inside so other authors won’t get burned by the same guy.

Be careful that might be illegal… You could however see if they’re on sites with review options and write about your bad experiences there..

It’s very frustrating when someone pose in a very nice client and stole your ideas. In my opinion is more frustrating then piracy websites. This job is/was an InDesign project and I never send the final files without payment first. I used watermark on my proposals but the concept can be easily reused. Anyway hope for a response in the next days. If not, next week, I will publish on my blog all about this incident with names, dates, all the proposals, client photos, client logo, all e-mail discussions, all possible details about this “client” and link the article with all my social accounts. And after that wish them good luck with their business. And by the way its a she.