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I am currently in the process of rethinking my theme framework. And I am pretty interested where You (purchasers are adressed, too) would like to fetch image sliders to fetch their images from.

I don’t mean shortcodes where You may specify the image url in the shortcode itself. I mean the homepage, the common frontpage slider. Where should it get it’s images from? Some of my approaches are:

  • Create a custom post type (just like posts and pages) for the images (would be still the post thumbnail image).
    • Pro: Ultimate control about images, their link destination and description with WordPress onboard technology
    • Contra: Cannot be published synchronous with post publishs. For example, if you want to link to a post and publish it, the image slide will only appear after you published the slide itself, too.
  • A slide management system from the theme panel.
    • Pro & contra: Pretty much the same like the above approach. Still more work to maintenance the code and not that much using onboard technique.
  • From post thumbnails.
    • Pro: Synchronous publish of slides and posts.
    • Contra: Slides are only published when posts are published. Problems with linking slides to custom urls. Also, slide and post thumbnail (which may be used outside the slider, too) are the same or at least generated from the same image.

There sure are more and better approaches and I would love to hear about your ideas :) Of course, there still should be an option in the theme panel how many images to fetch and so on. Maybe even define the source? But I think that would be too complicated. I want to make it as simple and intuitive as possible.

Curious for your opinions. Best regards, indiapart.