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Yea make a new non-exclusive account. Thinking of trying this soon for some CodeCanyon scripts. You could always delete the non-exclusive trial account later and add that item to your exclusive account if you get more sales through here.

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guys if you just read his post he is not talking about items already released here – these are specifically created new items he will sell somewhere else – Envato do not own your soul :)

The simple fact is – if you sign up as exclusive author then it means ANY and ALL items you upload to sell HERE with Envato (any of their marketplaces) then they cannot be given away, sold etc anywhere else – it’s a simple exclusive “item based” agreement – otherwise they could get you for every penny you earn anywhere hahaha

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That’s what I put, we don’t get some guy come round with a branding iron and stamp COPYRIGHT (C) 2009 ENVATO on our foreheads do we :p

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Ok everyone, here’s Envato’s response:

Thank you for your email to Envato support. You may do so as long as the item is not found on the marketplaces in any form. Please see the following URL – http://wiki.envato.com/selling/getting-paid/payment-rates/

Specifically, “You are entitled to sell other items elsewhere, but not the same ones.”

Hope that helps, have a nice day and I’ll see you around the forums!

So, here’s my plan: I’ll carry on doing my normal work and sell website themes elsewhere but keep my graphis templates here…or maybe just go ‘non-exclusive’ and sell my graphics elsewhere to. Hope this helps for anyone with the same question.

Robby .