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Hi All, Apologies if this has been asked before – but I couldn’t find such a topic (mainly because the search was giving results that were 3-4 years old :9)

Anyway, I’m a graphic designer/web dev – experienced in CSS, HTML, WP etc. and I also have a design ready for my wordpress theme.

I’ve been developing/converting designs to wordpress themes for the past 2-3 years. I know the wordpress tags, working etc. But I use the default Twentyten,eleven themes as the base – and build the design on top of these.

Looking at the themes at themeforest, with a huge array of options, different sliders, page templates, responsive, shortcodes, options panel etc.

I don’t know where to start exactly. How can you combine so many features in one theme? Can somebody pinpoint the steps I need to take? Any framework that speeds up the process? If there is any framework, which one is more commonly used in TF wordpress themes?

I need to launch a wordpress theme in 1 month. Thats the deadline I’ve set for myself so any help will be greatly appreciated!


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Contact me at info@spyropress.com

I will give you my manager number from Pakistan.


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If you are really good Designer then Search good Developer then partnership this is the best way to Enter the Envato marketplaces.

Other method always draw PSD’s and Insert on Themeforet PSD category section there has lot’s of developers contacts you and ask Partnership.

Don’t be Lazy Just Draw the PSD :) GOODLUCK!