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We have submitted our second claim against a product that does not provide an advertised feature, and is even acknowledged by an author. Envato support has not responded to our second claim. But denied our initial stating “Our Review Team has checked both the item’s live previews and full screen is working as intended. Could you please try to redownload your items as the author might have issued an update.”

However, we clearly explained that the feature does not work and even included reference to the author’s post validating our claim and that the feature would require a 2-3 months delay. And have still yet to receive a refund, or any form of compensation for this blatant abuse of the Envato system.

We have already purchased an alternative that does truly offer full-screen, and therefore have no need for the one previously purchased which still does not support true full-screen, only full-browser… There is a big difference between the two.

We ask that Envato please review our claim, and process our request as it has been validated. If any mods or administrators can post a reply to this and assist, or provide another method of forwarding this to the higher management at Envato we would love to have that information.

We love Envato and the community, but a violation of policy is a violation of policy and a company should not be punished with a non-functional product that was false-advertised. Regardless of the reason, it simply is not good business.

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Envato team

Hi Zinux_LLC, I’ve just sent you a reply to your support ticket (EUK-343-83413). From what I can see it looks like we’ve been waiting for you to get back to us, so it’s possible that our emails have been ending up in your Spam folder.

I’ll lock this thread now. Could you please check to see if you’ve received my email?