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Hi, the search on here is better than it was only a year ago which is good, but its still poor in my opinion.

But I would like to have a couple of better things to search with.

For instance a popular list for items that are 3 months old or newer. Popular list by categories.

At present when I browse html templates or wordpress themes, you only have most popular for all categories within them options.

When viewing most popular, the html section is riddled with admin templates and one page templates, which I never use so that is simply useless to me, I would like to view popular by category, this would not be hard to implement, its a simple query and a very simple algorithm, depending on which way you decide to go with it.

I have started to get a little overwhelmed really and have even started using other websites because finding things on here is getting harder, and new homepage is basically the same as the original but with a worst user interface.

This site is still living in 2009 and really needs to get its act together on interacting with the buyers a little in regards to giving us what we want.

We do not want a homepage which all the new stuff is at the bottom, we want all the new stuff at the top.

We also want to be able to select the categories for most popular rather than being dictated too!

Please for once Envato actually do something for the good of buyers, which in-turn will be good for Authors.

Here is a simple equation which you may understand.

if($buyer === 'Happy'){
    $karma = array(
         'buyer' => 'buys more',
         'Author' => 'author sells more',
         'Envato' => 'makes more $$$$'
} else {
   $karma = array(
         'buyer' => 'starts looking elsewhere',
         'Author' => 'author sells less',
         'Envato' => 'eventually turns into TemplateMonster'

Saturating the marketplace with lots of items and no way of actually reaching them items is just driving us buyers crazy.

People may think I am a buyer who can’t use the site, please check my buying icon and my membership year icon, I know how to use this site, I have for years.

But its getting harder to find things which is costing time and effort which is making me use other sites.

P.S… the new homepage design is really poor!

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Really well spoken. You should copy/paste it to the main thread about new design here.