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Hello everyone,

My name is Misa and as contributor I am new to Envato. Anyway, for some time I am trying to get my first PSD template accepted and after many rejections I’ve stayed pretty cool since I am still in “learning basics” stage. I kept improving my design and now I am in situation that I do not know what to improve next to make my design enough good to be part of Themeforest.

This is my design, I’ve uploaded on my tumblr, I’m not sure if you can see it in good quality but overall design can be recognized. If I find some better way to upload in full image quality I’ll post it.


And this is last answer I got:

“Our Review team also provided these comments:

Your template has a good start, unfortunately, due to our high requirements your template is not ready for the PSD template category.

This is better suited for Site Templates or WordPress — or another category, it has potential to be accepted but it may require more improvements before it’s approved under another category.

Your are not providing an unpleasant template but the PSD category requires higher quality in terms of aesthetics.”

Please be constructive and point directly to things that you advise as potentional changes.

Thanks in advance. Misa_