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1. If you are declined are you given a reason why so you can fix and resubmit?

2. Some of the profile icons have something saying ‘this user has referred 250 people’, what does that mean and does the user get a referral fee?

3. Some profiles have green paw (250k – 1 milly), this particular user has been a member for around 4 years, if they get 50% it could be 250k (dollars) for the 4 years, is the money earned from purely selling graphics or could that also include affiliate links etc, if its just pure sales that’s motivation right there.

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Hi @idreamdesign, welcome to Envato!

1. Yes, when one of your files gets rejected you are given a reason, and if you want some pieces of advice of how to improve the item you can ask other authors here on the forums, on the category “item discussion”.

2. It means that if another user is registered through one of your referral links you will get a certain part (I believe it is 30%) of that person’s first deposit or first sale. More information here.

3. You start getting 50% but then it increases up to 70%. It is only from selling files, as far as I know it does not include referrals.

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1. Not always (you can fix and resubmit but you aren’t always given reasons as to what’s wrong)

2. http://graphicriver.net/make_money/affiliate_program

3. Just sales but most (maybe all) of these authors are not GR authors.

Also, your paw is not based on just your percentage, it’s the value of what you’ve sold.