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flashato said
Business is business…better tons of imovie fans upgrade to a “pro” version of imovie for a good price, then few few nerds looking for multi cam stuf,xml,matrox, cross platform integration…

you got it my dude! the best 2 pesos ever!

The Obrian’s video was so funny B…

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I don’t think Apple’s been at all stupid here… (ok… I haven’t tried FCP X yet). They’ve got an eye firmly on the future. Maybe they’ve just stepped out in that direction a little too fast.

The mass market is really the holy grail for a program (in business terms, anyway). Traditionally, it’s the ones that can adapt from an exclusive pro app to reach the mass market that survive longer term. Applications that stay exclusive / expensive tend to disappear eventually, in my experience.

On the other hand, I don’t think it’s good to offend your pro user base. As much as anything, these are the flag carriers, that a program is used for high-profile, high-end work is aspirational for lower end users and proves the program as a credible and capable piece of programming.

Presumably FCPX has lots of beta-testers who are not Apple employees and presumably those people are pro FCP users. I wonder what kind of feedback they gave during development.