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Hey 3DOcean members!

If you haven’t heard, I just wanted to share the news about the new AudioJungle Radio player! Essentially it’s a quick and easy tool for Envato members and prospective buyers to listen through a bunch of AudioJungle items all at once, and with greater control.

You can check it out at http://www.audiojungleradio.com. It’s also officially posted as an Envato Extras webapp: http://extras.envato.com/category/web-apps/

Feature Rundown:

  • 5 easy ways to build an instant playlist: Use a bookmarked collection (public OR private), search keywords, by author, popular files, or what’s new on AJ.
  • Sort the playlist by relevance, sales, or rating. The shuffle feature on the player will also let you randomize the order of the songs if you’re feeling lucky.
  • A “Now Playing” display shows handy info for the current track, such as post date, rating, sales, BPM , looped audio, plus a mini description.
  • Hear something you like? Convenient BUY and DOWNLOAD links in the player let you jump right to the item page on AJ or easily download the watermarked preview file directly from the playlist! The download button also now automatically saves the comp as a properly named file (no more generic “preview.mp3”).
  • Song Surfing feature lets you listen through just the first 30 or 60 seconds of the songs before automatically jumping to the next track. Useful if you’re really in a hurry!
  • Be social—tweet about a song right from within the playlist.
  • The player is built on HTML5 (don’t worry I still love Flash), so you can also use it on your mobile devices. Browse tracks while in line at the bank, or while you work out at the gym!

Hope this becomes helpful for finding music and sound for your projects. Feel free to share any ideas or suggestions via personal message, or come post ‘em on the Official AJ Radio Thread over on the AudioJungle forums. Thanks for listening!

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Envato team

That’s awesome information SchwartzSound.

I’m wanting to start work on some Cinema 4D Motion projects for VideoHive so this will come in handy! :D