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Any devs out there who are available to hire to fix a theme that I bought here on TF? The themes own dev doesn’t seem to offer any support other than a support forum which does not accept tickets or registrations…

All emails just get a standard ‘submit ticket to support forum’ automated reply.

Theme has a few basic issues,

has a filter in the events section (is an events based theme) which should allow you to select each event cat from a drop down list. the filter only shows one cat though, not all of them! (same on the sales demo page!)

Child pages dont work (small issue)

Has some random layout issues when embedding youtube videos within events. some work, others mess up the layout.

If anyone thinks they can quote on this sort of work, please let me know what Im looking at! Have contacted the dev of the theme but thats not getting anywhere. Also contacted Envato but they don’t seem to be doing anything about the broken theme still being sold…

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Hello daihlo, please send us a message and we’ll see what we can do for you :)