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So i have CS4 , but I was using cs3 while doing this. So If i use CS4 using the same [embed(source=..” it will compile correctly? Thanks
no, thats Flex only.

This will work for you in CS4 as it can recognize this Flex syntax with no problem if you use CS4 .

But you will have a problem with the [Embed (source=] ,you need to embed your font in an actual external SWF if not, and you are using the direct .ttf you will have problem there when using it on CS4 , it need some loading variable commend.

Thats a quote taken from someone who posted previously.

I’m confused does it or does it not work with flash Cs4

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Let me put things in order. The function you show are applying to flex but.

You cannot use.

[Embed(source= .

you need to use .
[Embed(systemFont= .

To load a direct TTF font you can use this syntax but you need to register the font and make a loader for the actual external TTF /OTF .

There are 3 (maybe there is more) ways you can load TTF /OTF on run time CS4 (Embed) library assets, direct font loader and SWF font loader which is the prefer method to go.

The problem with SWF loader is only 1 and it’s minor, more for FD sellers to know.

If you apply a SWF file on FD(something to know ) that use external SWF Font loader you need to submit also the font.

The SWF hold the font all the time but if the buyer republishes the SWF FLA font loader again and the original font is not there you will loss the original font since its not in the library .