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Hi , here is a liscence for a font :

Manfred’s fonts are free for private and charity use. They are even free for commercial use – but if there’s any profit, pls make a donation to organizations like Doctors Without Borders.

These fonts can NOT be included in any compilation CDs, disks or products, either commercial or shareware unless prior permission granted.

Are theme compilation ?

Thanks !

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I’m not a lawyer but reading this it looks like you can use the font for something commercial (such as a theme) but you cannot provide the font file in your product as a download – therefore just supply a download link in your documentation.

However I would suggest that you simply contact the owners / creators and simply ask for clarification on how to use their “free” font.

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Sounds like you can use it for commercial work only the creator asks a donation to a charity in return from the profits you made.

But when i read a little further then i have some doubts, there it says you have to ask for permission when you include the font in your work.

Or you just leave a link to the fonts download page in your help file and do not include it inside your theme files.

PS:tell me when you make some profits so i give you my paypal, for my charity :D, “Get Hein trough the winter”

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Envato team

You’ll need to obtain permission from the author to include the font in your template files.