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I can see why the money is deducted though, if someone has hacked a paypal account then some poor guy is sat there having his money put in your pocket, I guess it’s crap to see the money go, but good karma for you, right?

i got the same mail today and it makes me angry and think about who is acting legal here ?

first of all, its your own fault if your paypal password is 12345 or what ever… so why i am charged other people fault. doesn’t matter how rich or poor they are. if you are not able to take care about simple security stuff, its easy… your fault or at least paypals problems.

second, i don’t see any reason why envato gives money back to paypal, makes no sense, other companies don’t do that. at last i am looking for detailed information in envatos legal terms or notes, there are no real information about this case.

but i am upset about not getting information what happend here, if its some hacked account or some refunds… i have no idea and till i know what happened, i feel like envato stole my money!

lets see what they answer on my email…

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Envato team

Really old thread. Locking to prevent confusion.