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See it sounds quite high to me since the most I ever made before starting freelancing was under £8p/h, but since then I’ve had it drilled into me that what I think of as ridiculous hourly sums are actually normal in this industry and perfectly acceptable to cover those times when you’re not working on billable stuff.

I won’t say how much I’m currently charging because it’s probably still low by most peoples’ standards, but I’m trying to get better at taking money, I really am :p

If you’re new and don’t have a load of regular clients yet, I’d take it as an opportunity to experiment. Quote your next client a fiver more, and if it’s accepted quote your next client a fiver more again, and keep going until you start to get turned down ;)

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In denmark it is not normal to charge under 70 euro per hour. Personally I charge fixed rates.

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Envato team
I work full time in a design studio and part time as a freelancer. He says my design skills and turnaround time are way above any designer they have had before! :smug:
So they couldn’t afford someone who charges the right rates?

I’m on a salary here not paid hourly. I’m talking about my freelance work. My boss has said to me that if I go freelance that he wouldn’t employ another designer and just use me on a freelance basis.

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+1 Firsh,

The way I see it is a pro takes one hour to do what a medium-skilled dev/designer can do in two or three so the pro gets to charge a better rate because either way that one hour’s worth of work ends up costing the same. As the medium-skilled guy/lady gets better so they can work as fast and as well as the pro so his/her rate goes up…well, at least that’s the way I’ve always worked.

PS If you need for me to see your reply please email me as Chrome seems to have a quirk today of not showing the tick box for ‘Email me when someone replies’. Hmmmm…....