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Hi everyone,

I am building a site for my iPhone repair business’s, about time as well!

I have been trying hard to build something to my needs using opencart and have purchased a few modules to help me, so far, its OK and will do. However, I did want something with a more simple and visually beautiful way for the customer to checkout.

For instance, I have a category image on the homepage that slides across the various models of most apple products, the intentions was to be able to then select the part of the phone with more visuals, then to checkout.

At the moment, the customer clicks the image, then gets a subcategory with a list of repairs, in regards to SEO I am sure this is a good thing, so I don’t mind leaving it if I have to, but would like a subcategory image as well.

I have created a logo, have done some bits and pieces here and there, I just need someone to give it a makeover and to add the visual logos and other elements to the site. Its a fair amount of work and I have a budget.

If anyone is interested please contact me