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Joining a team of developers has always interested my career development, but what has gotten to me more recently, is starting my own and having developers join. For example, I’m competitive and fluent with HTML & CSS plus any subsidiary subjects relating to HTML & CSS (like HTML5, CSS3) but PHP has never been my logical aspect. I know a fair deal of PHP, but never give it the light of day unless I’m developing a Wordpress theme/plugin. So this brings me to the question.

Would I attempt to gain a team member who is experienced in specific subjects, maybe an all round developer or do you post it as a job positioning? I’m not fairly sure how this works. For example, if I threw my personal portfolio out linked to a branded company name I’ve created (which I have… More on that further down), could I try form a team of developers this way, where we work from our own space or is it not as simple as this?!

I really can’t find a good source on where to start. I recently purchased a domain under PitchingPixels.com which I thought was a genuine name for a web development company (Don’t worry… it’s hardly self-promotion when there’s nothing to promote!) and I thought it would kick off a great start to a design and development team. That is my first step… But how do I push this?

I’m a pretty solid UX designer/developer, but taking it one step further seems to be my problem. I already make a small amount of income based on my plugins and website templates I’ve created for clients, but I want to go in to team-based work. I love the independence of having my own work just to myself, but I dunno. I feel like I want to push it further with even more intelligent designers and developers.

Are there any experienced teams/people out there that can shed some light on this subject?



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You can start by teaming with a developer here at codecanyon to see how it goes. A lot of people do it. Right now I’m working alone on my items, but I guess once I step into the themes world, I’ll probably start with a partnership so things run faster.