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Hi everyone,

I’m hoping someone can come up with a front page design and code for a dating site. I’m aware that’s not a new concept on the internet :-) , but this is a pretty niche angle I’m going for.

I’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible with the brief below, and please feel free to message me with questions, ideas, clarifications etc.

DESIGN I can give you plenty of keywords for inspiration (web 2.0, clean, glossy, bright, etc etc) and I can send you links to loads of pages on this site that don’t work as front pages for a dating site but they DO have great designs, elements, fonts, graphics etc that you could keep in mind as a style reference.

Above all, I’m trying to get as far away from ‘cheesy romantic’ as it’s possible to get .

There’s no point looking for rival dating sites for inspiration, as there is nothing out there (and I’ve looked!) that has great design like the work showcased here.

There needs to be a few ‘sections’ to the page including, search box, sign in box, a thumb bar etc, but everything else is up to you.

I have a logo designed and ready to go, it’s based on the web 2.0 sticker-ish look. Whilst I like it, I’m not precious with it and I’m willing to change to match the overall site experience. (logo design is not needed in this work offer, I have a separate designer for that, I mention it purely to say that you won’t be creatively restricted by it)


The back end programming and other pages are already built and taken care of by another firm so I’m really just looking for a front page, of which the header and footer should work with the other pages that they are taking care of.

In terms of coding there are only 4 parts that you’d need to work in to the html…..........

The script for the login box The search function, Recent members bar of photos, A join now button.

.......the coding for these are already supplied, you just need to integrate

The header and footer should also work well within an e-mail format

I will look to extend to be additional pages to add at some point (articles, classifieds, maybe a blog) You should focus solely on the front page though, I only mention the other pages for reference that I might need to hire you again to adapt the design to fit those other pages eventually (e.g. on WordPress etc)


Financially, this isn’t going to be the best gig you ever get, (it might even be one of the worst) but hopefully there will be a few of you that won’t be offended by an offer of $150-$200. I’m basing that figure purely on my allocated budget for what is essentially a one page design/code not what your normal commercial rate might be.

To mitigate this, I’m NOT asking for full copyright ownership, merely a license to use your design, you are free to resell the design here or anywhere else. I also accept this would be a single site license, and would not be applicable to any of the others I’m looking to set up. I’m also fully understanding that it would be something you ‘fit in’ around other work. So whilst I will be available to you whenever you need me, I won’t be on your back e-mailing every day to see how things are.

This is the first in a series of 5 dating sites aimed at different niches so I’m looking for someone who I can build a relationship with for ongoing work.

Finally let me say this site has been a revelation, the quality of work is head and shoulders above any of the other template sites I’ve looked at recently, I’m now overflowing with ideas for different types of sites, and look forward to being a regular buyer here.

Looking forward to hearing from interested designers soon,

Many thanks.

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Hy, can I take a look at the design ideas that you have in mind? You can contact me on my profile page. I just want to make myself an ideea. Also I will need to know what design material you have that can be buil upon. I take no obligations though so if you feel uncomfortable with my conditions you can ignore this message, Thank You