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Hi all,

Another “looking for partners” thread for those who are interested in crafting themes full-time as a twosome or a trio, maybe. I’ve been here for just over a year and although I enjoy all aspects of selling themes from design & code through to support & promotion – I don’t think I’ve learnt to master doing it all on my own. To be honest I struggle supporting my themes as well as I would like to and sometimes find it difficult to summon the time and patience with all the hours I’m putting into other parts of the process.

I would like to find one or maybe a couple of people to share the load with to make sure all areas are taken care of as best as possible. Great themes and happy customers :)

Anybody interested, feel free to email me from my profile page to talk further. I really only want to hear from those who are serious about doing this full-time, probably in the same position as me as I described above and want to stick it out long enough to build a solid portfolio of themes and a cosy, well-supported customer base. :)

Cheers, Paul.

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Emailed you.