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However, GraphicRiver is still a young market in the Marketplace family.
I’m not sure of this but i think Graphicriver is as old as Activeden and Themeforest.

I don’t know exactly when was Activeden and Themeforest first introduced, but basing on the earliest item that could be found on this two markets, it was: Activeden (23.6.2006 – Collis’s item :D) and Themeforest (Maximus’s item at 08.08.2008 – nice number :) ) .

About GraphicRiver’s launches : http://www.prweb.com/releases/2009/02/prweb2163484.htm (25.2.2009)

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Great topic!

Raise the quality bar and raise the price.

I’ll take down few of my files myself :)

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Envato team

Great discussion.

I rarely comment on GR forum because the other reviewers are just so quick in answering threads here :) and there is still no respond from them, so, I voice out mine first :)

As a reviewer for GR since the first day ( I review ONLY the vector category ), I remember we’d raised the bar a few times. But I do think that it is till not high enough to ensure the quality GR should provide for the market.

You can’t imagine what reviewers see everyday in the queue and why kind of complaints we get from rejected authors :) We understand the frustration, but we HAVE to maintain the quality in certain level.

However, it is not easy to simply raise the bar. We will expect tons of support tickets, complaints saying why it is rejected and why other’s get approved. But they never see the date of approval. So, it is a step by step process.

Personally, I agree with bebel. We should raise the bar once again :)

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However, it is not easy to simply raise the bar. We will expect tons of support tickets, complaints saying why it is rejected and why other’s get approved. But they never see the date of approval. So, it is a step by step process.

There will certainly be some authors who want to help voluntary with replying the support tickets. Like us :D

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I’m just glad it’s easier to get a file accepted on here than on Creattica. If it were the same as Creattica I would have an exciting portfolio of 1 item :D

The staff have hinted at improvements and changes coming soon for GR. Luckily I’m improving as well so I hope I will still be around here when the quality goes up. For example my new thumbnail almost looks like it was made by a graphic designer :)

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thanks for all the replies – seems like this is not only an issue in my opinion.

Stricter guidelines would be a blessing for the marketplace. I think it was pointed out already: There are many many sites out there right now where you can get better buttons, styles, graphic elements etc. for free. For someone who knows his way around on the web there is no need to come to gr for those anymore.

Here are my thoughts after reading trough all the posts:

-delete old items with zero sales. really, it just adds up to a mountain of not very useful items. Not all of them are bad and might sell in the future, but if someone at envato would just “go through” the categories, she or he will find a lot of stuff that simply doesn’t belong here

- Only allow sets of Interface elements like buttons etc.If someone wants to sell some buttons, he should create a whole GUI set. This marketplace really doesn’t need more buttons. (only if they are as awesome as blendshape’s, really)

-items should be better than what is availible for free on the web within a 2 minute google search. 80% of the social icons here on graphicriver wouldn’t meet this criteria

When I think of a truly great marketplace where one should spent some cash I think of items of this kind of quality:




I think within a year or so we should really get there! Probably not a single item of mine would have made it with stricter guidelines but you know what: I never had a challenge to be much better!

A marketplace where people are supposed to spent money should only feature great files from people who make great design and know what they are doing!

I understand kailoon’s point about frustrated authors, but: If we show them bad files on the frontpage they ask themselves why their bad item doesn’t get accepted.

The system could sent emails after every submission as it is done after every purchase telling the authors more about the review process, the guidelines and how long it might take to get accepted. That way people are educated better about the rules, guidelines and goals of this marketplace.

Also, not everyone is a designer. I wouldn’t and shouldn’t bother uploading anything to istockphoto as I am not a good photographer. And if new guidelines would mean I have to learn more to be a good graphic designer, so be it!

On ThemeForest all our items except two were rejected at least once. It was a good thing because it made us work harder to make the files much much better! It made me a better designer and my partner a better programmer. I am very happy two work much much longer on a single file to meet very high criteria if it means to stay on the frontapge fo a few days and make some bucks. Right now I upload stuff to GraphicRiver from time to time but I don’t bother “pushing” it because all I get compared to tf sales is lousy. I only do it for exposure for my followers :-)

One last word: I would go to bed with those layer styles: http://graphicriver.net/item/xmas-styles/137394 they are of such a good quality that I will buy them even though I don’t need them. It’s what quality is all about. Ask Steve Jobs.

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100% agree…

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before you raise the bar, I think you need get the reviewers all working from the same page. After using this site for a few weeks I have absolutely no idea what constitutive a file approval.

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I’ve been holding off any personal opinion until now. I believe there is a misconception here. Having a lot of lower quality files (and I’ve seen files I find totally useless or to say it straight, kitsch) doesn’t mean the high quality ones are being affected. In fact, this situation might create the contrast needed to boost the quality items.

Yes there some free items elsewhere with a higher quality than the “low quality” ones here. But those are not mass produced and don’t offer variety like the ones here , even though these are of lower quality.

I don’t really understand how we’ve got to this thread since a lot of items (some being disliked by me, maybe by others too) receive positive comments. Items here have more comments from non-buyers than from buyers. Have you noticed how all the comments from non-buyers are positive? There’s basically no critique. Today I commented a shelf item, noticing its perspective distortion and a few totally misplaced shadows that gave an odd look. Nobody else seemed to had noticed that, and all seemed amazed by this item.

Maybe with all these positive critiques we are actually encouraging this flow of files with lower quality, which has happened over time. It is possible for the reviewers to be influenced by these kind of comments and lowering the bar without noticing. But even so, almost all files have at least 1 purchase, so somebody wants that kitsch.

Raising the bar, which is something I want too, as it would increase the competition between authors, might only have this effect. Fewer, but quality files. But what else? Perhaps a lower income for envato because of the lower quality files missing. And as you know, if it’s not on the Popular Files doesn’t mean it doesn’t sale.

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Today I commented a shelf item, noticing its perspective distortion and a few totally misplaced shadows that gave an odd look. Nobody else seemed to had noticed that, and all seemed amazed by this item.

I noticed it too ;)

Sales speaks for itself. Items with zero sales or below a threshold should go automatically to the ‘Bargain Basement’ and finally deleted. Even if they are of good quality.

No sales for several months = useless file.