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I am the director of the Boston crime-thriller Ghostman. In the movie Ghostman has a secret lair which is currently being built. Ghostman has the ability to open any dial combination safe using only the sensitivity of his finger tips, a rare ability only a few people in the world have.

This is a micro budget film (à la paranormal activity) so we don’t have much money. I’d obviously like to hire someone who is willing to do the work for a solid movie credit, imdb.com listing, footage for their reel and the recognition of being THE guy who created the visual effects in the Ghostman lair, but I will consider a small fee (I’ll have to raise that money from my investors) of $200 or less. I will also mention you in interviews when it’s called for. I’ve been featured in publications and blogs all over the world and for this movie it will be no different.

If interested, please read on…

Ghostman’s lair has one flat panel monitor and on that monitor I need a cool a cool 3D ‘Iron Man like’ interface that can either rise up front he screen (like Iron Man) or appear on the screen itself. Maybe the computer is hacked into surveillance monitors all over the city (like banks and stores) so he can case his next robbery.

I would like a 3D wire diagram of a hand that rotates on the screen for when he’s using his safecracking software program. I’m considering making a simulation safe next to the monitor with a dial combination and the safecracking program times him and measures his finger sensitivity. Each time he successfully cracks the combo the computer gives him his stats, and resets a new combination.

On the surveillance monitors hack, I’m not sure where we would get the footage for that, but if you can do it, I’ll find it somehow.

The computer could also have a police scanner? The ideas are endless and can be discussed.

If you want to take your job further and stamp your talent on this film to the max, you can also get a special effects supervisor credit and watch rough cuts of the film and advise me on anything you think is an opportunity for VFX .

The film is being release on Youtube as a web series before going to DVD . The first episode features the secret lair so I need to get on this asap.

I’d like to collaborate with you and create something that is doable for you, affordable for me and will look very cool in the movie.

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Hi mikebos781, I would like to discuss about this. Can you please mail me djamil13798@gmail.com. so that we can discuss about it how you want to do it.

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If you are still looking please send me a private message via my profile page.