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I’ve seen quite a few suggestions on this forum about how authors can get some decent exposure.

I believe I have come up with a good solution that would benefit Envato, The Author and The Buyer.

The idea is simple. On the homepage add a section called “Recently Updated”. This section would display all the recently MAJOR updated items.

If a theme has an update which goes from 1.4.3 to 1.4.4, that should NOT be displayed in the “Recently Updated” section but if a theme has an update that goes from 1.4.3 to 2.0 that should display in that section and of course the reviewer decides whether the item is a major update or minor update.

How does this help Envato, Author and the buyer?

  • Envato will have a library of items that is always up to date.
  • The author will get the exposure that he/she craves
  • The author will now have a motive for updating their item even if it is not getting any sales
  • The buyer will have an item that is always up to date no matter how old it is.

Maybe there are a few flaws to this which I haven’t spotted :D let me know!

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I think this would cause for some issues regarding certain authors misusing this system just to get exposure which, ultimately, will increase pressure on the people who have to review the updates coming in. :-)

I guess the only way to get more exposure is by posting it on forums or on your own personal website (if it is popular enough).

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Envato team

I agree with playnethemes here. There will just be a massive flood of people submitting updates – which is good and bad – and the line between what makes a large update or not would be kinda blurry.

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Agree with previous posters, we must not count on TF too much in terms of exposure/promotion for our items. It’s up to ourselves to promote our own works.