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Hello guys.

I have a question Google Pagerank Update today ?

My website up 2 to 3 :) Anyone know that?

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Who knows, but I would not pay any attention to Pagerank. Google is actually doing away with it in 2010. It means nothing!

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Page rank has been really useless for a while now. In my line of business some advertisers still look at it but as a means of gauging where your site is in SE’s eyes.

One of my sites is 6 months old and still has PR0 but enjoys first page positions for hundreds of keywords, is socialized, has a good amount of quality back links and organically generates 1500 – 2000 views per day.

My business website just got PR3 and is 8 months old and is not as nearly as optimized as the one above. =)

Sometimes I feel like Google is just messing with us SEO guys on purpose. =)

The most important thing with the new algorithm (caffeine) is content. Content is king, the more unique, original and informative content you develop the higher you will be placed in SERPs. And consistency – if content is added daily you will not fail.

Also don’t waste your time on plain old backlinks. You want to start doing deep back linking with proper anchor texts from websites that are contextually relevant to the content (on your site) that you are linking to.

Always keep in mind the topics that you are writing about. Ask your self this… how many other people/websites are publishing similar content (uniqueness)? And – How informative and important is this content?

One of my clients has a celebrity gossip website and always complains about not getting to the top of page 1 in SERPs. I always ask him right back …. how many other sites are writing about Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift?

Well this is all just theory!


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I know ActiveDen was just promoted to a 7 in the last few days…