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Hi Everyone.

Been working hard on my Wordpress theme over the past few weeks and today it got rejected. I understand that the competition is so great…the quality needs to be exceptional.

Please can you give some honest feedback for my theme. I’ve been looking at it for so long now…its hard to have a clear view of it.


This was the rejection reason:

I’ll try to be direct here: you’re choosing to go with a ‘less is more’, cut down minimalist approach. This is well and good—minimalism, when done right, is exquisite.

But when you go down this road you’ll need to keep a few things in mind:

1. You’re competing with the hundreds of other minimalist designs on TF. Whether a design is approved is based on how it compares, and looks, to the other submissions here. And as a general rule, it’s much harder to get a design approved now than in the past due to sheer proliferation.

2. You’re also going to have to get by with a limited set of variables. Ergo, you need to make more efficient, more effective use of them to get the same results. As I keep mentioning, white space and typography are pretty much what make a minimalist design and you need more work on these aspects.

3. With a limited number of variables, you should ideally be trying different variations. The blog view and footer, for example, are quite as generic as things can get. I don’t mean this in a bad way. It doesn’t look bad but not something the TF userbase will be swooning over.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.



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Hello Gorilla,

First your design is looks not too bad but I think you need to put some extra options and a bit change typography.

1- You need a color change system for your design. 2- You can put Google map on your contact page. 3- Left side Twitter feed and top menu not the same line. 4- You used too much Lorem Ipsum. You can write some text to tell your design. 5- I think you need footer aswell. You just putted recent works but if someone want to put different things no option for them. 6- Your html comment is started but not ended. you can put more specific start and end comments. 7- And i say again but you have to check your design lines left and right side on middle section. 8- Use a grid system like 960 grid system make it easier for you. 9- Don’t like logo look like other header texts. 10- Try to use a different font on your P texts.

I can say you this things i thing if you change much better theme. Sorry if any of my word are wrong. Honestly i giving point %60

Good Luck.