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Hi there, check out my portfolio on GR and if you’re interested in it then just drop me a message via my profile contact form. I am experienced in print and branding design, but also have worked with UI design and web graphic design. Thank you.

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Im looking for a graphic designer for both the web and desktop applications. Projects include: UI Design Icon Design Splash Screens Branding Occasional Print Design

The designer will report to the creative and UX leads in the design of various software applications.

If your interested in joining a world class team send me your portfolio an compensation requirements.

Thanks and have a great day!

Hello, signexpo..

Just wanted to let you know that I’m interested in your offer..

I do a wide range of graphic/web design, I also do logo/branding, UI/App design, and 3D graphics..

here is my portfolios for :

Web Design : https://99designs.com/people/saltshaker911 http://saltshaker911.deviantart.com/gallery/6804992


UI/Icons : http://dribbble.com/saltshaker911


Logos/Branding: http://saltshaker911.deviantart.com/gallery/195757


3D: http://saltshaker911.deviantart.com/gallery/195672


Print Design: http://graphicriver.net/user/saltshaker911

please check them out and let me know what do you think..

My Email is : saltshaker911@gmail.com .. I’d love to hear from you soon :)

Thanks Ali

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Hi, I Would love to work on your project.

Please check out my portfolio at: http://www.centerspread.org/ http://www.coroflot.com/centerspread/

I am keen to work with you and develop a mutually rewarding long term business relationship.

Please contact:

Email: creatives@centerspread.org OR shabbir.ali.kanchwala@gmail.com Skype: center.spread OR shabbirkanch

Look forward to work with you.

Regards, CenterSpread

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Old thread with no replies from OP, going to lock for now. Message me if you want it reopening, signexpo.