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Envato team

This is an excellent article that everyone here could benefit from reading. Possibly it will even encourage a decent discussion :)


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It’s about relevance. It’s not about tweeting every single time your company offers 10 percent off on a thingamabob. It’s about finding out where your customers actually are, and going after them there. If you’re tweeting all your discounts, and none of your customers are on Twitter, then you sir, are an idiot. Marketing involves knowing your audience, and tailoring your promotions in specific bursts to the correct segments.

“Social media experts” don’t know this. They’ll build you a fan page, and when all that work doesn’t convert into new sales, they’ll simply say, “Well, we’ll just post more.”

Epic! Most of the junk stuff occupies internet with this “few more” idea.

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Amazing. This guy wrote exactly what i was thinking for a long time.

Anyway, i consider “social media experts” types of employees that you would hire if you have some big business and you are simply busy or don’t want to maintain dozens of social network accounts whole day. So they do it instead of you. If you think that they have some amazing skills and mysterious magic powers with which they will attract huge amounts of new customers – you are crazy. It’s just some common sense, absolutely any average person could be “social media expert” and attract some customers via social networks. Again, it’s all just some common sense, that guy explained it all.

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then you sir, are an idiot.

Good share (Y) :)