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Hi Syed,

The overall design and aesthetic quality are not ready for ThemeForest. There are many aspects that required improvements and I cannot list out every single of them.

We do provide specific feedback but only when the submitted template is showing good potential or it is close enough to be approved.

I’d recommend to post it on ThemeForest Forum > Item Discussion to get some feedback from others, the community is very helpful.

Regards kailoon Marketplace Reviewer & Envato Support Team
Demo url of theme is: http://newspoint.tanadtech.com/

Please give me suggestion to further improve this.

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Hi , hope i can help u ..

  • Logo text can be improove looks poor
  • Category Nav looks bad its weird font ( O R C Letters )
  • Subnav weak , poor , give more styles
  • Footer color looks flat
  • Flickr & RSS are misaligned
  • Footer paragraph does not differ that a tags ( links )
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Text needs to be web friendly.
Social icons are on the bottom i barely even noticed them. Put them up top or somethin. There are way better subscribe forms around that you can use. The flickr photos are two column looks weird. three column or four. The menu on top has a small white space under it. The sub menu item box move it up maybe margin-top:-3px;

looks good.

check out http://www.subtlepatterns.com