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is activeden dead?

you may not be on the same line with me here but let me explain. Is a good thing that activeden is dead as I don’t like the name anyway. And the end of everything has also advantages, like no more threads like this one :) . And probably a new marketplace with the name, let say FlashDen, will be created. That will be a good name. Wonder why no one thought about it?

But wait if the activeden is dead we are some sort of necromancer? Because we continue to write on the forum! :| Oh, my God this is unbelievable!

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if you need to have a conversation please leave the screen and go out and get some friends… i am not curious about any other guy out there sitting in front of his monitor… get yourself a social life… this is not being social…

just saying, anyway i dont spend the whole day in front of my pc :p (i know other people do) i came on to see if it had been uploaded after 7 days and it hadn’t so i thought i would see why…as all other threads like the colour sock should be put in off-topic which is where this one should of been put…whoops

EDIT : let just leave this thread and never come back to it