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What the heck, this guy should be a little more original about his 80×80 pics.

[link edited]

Look on the front page right now. Both our songs are up right next to each others.

I have a red circle with the word “suspense” on it and right next to mine he has a red circle with the word “suspense” on his. He just started uploading these 80×80 Avatars. I know its not a big deal, but we are trying to be creative and differentiating ourselves and its annoying when someone copies just a little too close.

Am I being too snobbish about my Avatars? I spent a lot of time creating them and thinking about how I could do them creatively.

Or is he copying me a little too closely?

I hope I’m not being to snobbish. How would you feel is someone copied your avatar down to the bone.

Great track Phil, “Hero of Another World” :)

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Envato team

Hi Sky, its not fun, but any concern like this is a matter that would need to be addressed to support, as it is against forum rules to call out items/authors publicly on the boards. The link was therefore edited by requirement. Thanks for understanding.

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Hahaha, Sky. Thanks for the shout out at the end of your post… kinda random… completely took me off guard as I was reading through your post….then got to the end…

Anyway, it’s obvious that he “stole” your idea… But as I was initially reading this, it first sounded like he stole your EXACT same icons you have up. Then I saw his and to be honest, people who are following you DO know what your bubble looks like, and they do look different enough to know what’s your branding. If I saw his up without yours next to it, I probably wouldn’t have thought much of it. What I would have thought was, ‘that’s not Sky because that’s not his bubble.’ Yours has it’s own unique look. But I understand the feeling of your idea being stolen, especially since the way you do it has been completely original and like no one else (until now…). The fact is, the optional thumbnail is still new and people are finding out how to use them for their advantage. Soon, someone will end up putting all their song titles on theirs like me…

Seems like he should have at least made his triangles… ;)

Honestly, I don’t think your branding is hurt. I still know what “Sky’s bubble” looks like. But I also understand that now you’re not the only one doing it that way. Unfortunately, I’m thinking that that now comes with the territory…

Sorry dude. But you create good music. I’m thinking you’ll be fine.

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I understand your frustration, but just think about it for a second: there are circles, there are triangles, squares, etc… How many different basic shapes are there? Not many, maybe 5-6 really distinctive ones. And yet, there are million and a half users here on Envato, of which at least a few thousands are we, authors… So, I guess there’s high probability of him/her not actually stealing, but instead it might as well be his/her idea…?

I’m not defending anyone, and not taking any side, it was just a thought…

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As many designers would know, the circle is one of the most basic shapes and one of the most used and most effective one.
I was trying to find on the first page who is copying who, but somehow couldn’t find. I see some red circles, if that is the “offender”, then is not even remotely close.
[edited after few minutes]
(Actually now I see how you branded your collections and, yep, it’s closer than it would be normal, but cheer up :) that you can see as sort of a compliment. In some cultures, copying someone is a form of paying respect.)
Copyrighting a circle (as an idea) reminds me of some American cookies (I got from a friend from US, something with peanut butter) where was written “orange color and orange background is copyrighted to….” :D
I guess they’ll reinforce this with their new SOPA , PIPA, CISPA …etc.