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We have created a new html template concept to submit, and unfortunately it was rejected.


It was maybe a too strange concept, a responsive desktop and mobile theme with a diferent navigation style with icons and circles, instead of a normal link navigation…

We allready have a plan on how to improve the design layout structure.

But we do also need some other designers point of view.

So anyone have some ideeas on how we can do this look better?

Also some questions in helpting us understand some points :

1. Do you think the navigation should use normal links structure, it is a must on themeforest?

2. Do you think the circle theme design is a little too much, we should also use square photos format? (the images in source are square, the circles are made with CSS3 over the images.)

3. Do you think the content of home page should be a little more spaced, for the 3 blocks under the navigation? It looks a little too cramped maybe.

Also we know we need to create a little more design details for some sections, but any other idea someone can suggest is welcome.

Best Regards :).