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Can not Let Google translate to your site ?

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No. It is not just about the site – the need for English goes beyond the content of the site itself (that could be Lorum Ipsum etc if needed).

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In order to become an author on Envato, you MUST be able to understand and write (type) in English. There is no exception to this rule. Yes, it’s a rule here on Envato. I’m gonna try to explain to you two of the most important reasons as to why the rule exists.

You cannot rely on Google Translate to create a comprehensive documentation for your theme, which is a must – the buyers need to understand how to use your theme. Also, Google Translate won’t help too much when buyers start asking questions related to the theme. I am sure that you are a very good developer and/or designer but you won’t be able to sell your theme here on ThemeForest unless you are able to understand AND write in English without the help of any automated translator utility such as Google Translate.

I hope this helps.


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hi mohsen,

as the others said, you should improve your English skills, the site content is always lorem or so, the most important thing here is document and support witch you have to improve your english!!!

PS: salam mohsen,

hamintor ke baghiye goftan bayad maharate zabanet ro ertegha bedi, hame chiz mohtaviate site nis, site ro mitooni ba jafang por koni ama poshtibani va document az hame mohemtaran ke bayad englisi khobi dashte bashi

dar har sorat movafagh bashi mohsen jan! ;)