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Hi friends, i am new here on graphicriver, one of my logo got soft rejected, this is what reviewer said “Reason: An interesting concept but the design here is a little too basic and simplistic. You need to work over the logo mark shaping and make this more iconic, more stylised and professional. The typeface selection doesn’t quite work here, it’s too similar to other items on the site.” here is the preview of the logo :
then i made changes to the logo & submitted again,but got soft rejected again, this is what reviewer said second time “Reason: The design here is still too simplistic and basic. You need to work over concept as it just needs more work. The typeface selection might work with a more stylised and refined logo mark here so try to push the file a little more. ” preview of logo with changes . Need some feedback. Thank you

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second font is nice. the logo indeed needs some improvement. I will let the plate as it is, is simplified enough. The coffee cup is too bulky. try using an esspesso type of cup. more slim at the bottom and with that nice curvature from the top to the bottom. Then you need to add a better highlight/reflection to the cup like the cup reflection from this tutorial. I don’t like the result of that tutorial but you can learn some techniques from there.

Finally, a new selection of colors will be need it. I don’t know of a coffee or cappuccino with that type of color foam.