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I am going to use the style for my new website. On their display website -

http://botanica.orange-themes.com/ they have a couple of things I would like to have on my companies website. The 3 icons under the scrolling picture ‘diet plan’ etc… I would like to have these on the main page as well (with different icons maybe)

Then the ‘shortcode’ – ‘pricing plan’ page too.

But how do I go about activating these options or adding these onto my website? I have looked around in the WordPress section both their special area and the normal side of wordpress but still cannot find it.

So some help would be greatly appreciated. I am new to these world of Wordpress so be kind ;)

Thank you!

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Hi nsteps, this is a general open forum, the appropriate support channel for this theme can be found here.

Or, you can interact directly with the author here. The link takes you to the item’s Comments section, where you can also browse previous posts for additional information and/or troubleshooting.

Simply leave the author a quick comment and he’ll gladly point you in the right direction. Good luck.