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Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone can share knowledge of html. I’m starting to create my portfolio but I don’t know any html codes.

Any suggestions??

I think k is very important to have a nice and friendly portfolio design.

It would be very helpful for me and for all musicians that are starting here in AJ.

Thank you for your help.

Keep doing what you love… Music

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Envato team
Hi:) this page is very helpful
If you want to use images you will have to store them somewhere online, like dropbox. Then it’s a matter of copying links of items and images into codes.

Then you can put all your codes here:
and see if everything is working fine, before put them into your profile page :)
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Hi CocoonStudios

I’ve had the best luck with using Photobucket to store my images. It’s very simple to find the direct url link to your photo too through the site.

So what you need to do is code similar to the following. Except where I’ve used ( or ) you would replace that with < or >. I can’t show you the code with < or > in place as it would be executed as html in the thread.

So for example if you want to display a graphical banner on your homepage the code would look like this:

(a href=”add audiojungle file/collection url here”)(img src=”add photobucket link to your photo here”)(/a)

Make sure you’re using < or > in place of my brackets ( ) and you’re good to go.

It’s also helpful to insert page breaks which would appear as (br) again without brackets.

Good luck and hope you can find answers you’re looking for. Search google for html tips too.

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I can’t show you the code with < or > in place as it would be executed as html in the thread.

I discovered that if you use the html tag (pre) and (/pre) using the< >, around your html it will display correctly in a thread post. I think the ‘pre’ stands for preview.

<a html="">http://thisis.a.test.>like this</a>

Of course I can’t show the ‘pre’ tag within the ‘pre’ tag though :S