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For example, let’s say the niche is bookkeeping, I have no clear idea what to put there. Looking at real bookkeeping websites is not good, it has a whole different purpose, the sample and the real site.

True, but I would say if you can’t create a sample site for the industry you’re targeting you shouldn’t be targeting that industry.

Off: How does that search work actually? It’s not sorted by anything – not date, nor sales, nor rating, nor page-views, nor by tag order (if there is one. they are sorted alphabetically on the page, maybe there is), nor by mentioning in the description, nor by content of the demo…

Have no idea how the search works but there’s so many search inconsistencies it seems like there would be a great benefit to hiring someone full-time to go in and manually improve the results.

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Point taken :)

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This would definitely increase our workload a lot, because we would need to create more than one “dummy demo” for specific niches, but it’s a totally great idea! I know that non-tech people buy what they see and even if you only put images specific to their niche, they believe that the website is for them.. Might do this in the next theme :)

You could hire copywriters to write you a couple of articles on your theme’s niche. It doesn’t cost that much, and although the articles might not be completely free of gramatical mistakes, you can still get decent articles for 2,3 bucks. You can find a ton of copywriters offering their services at the WarriorForum.com. In the end, it might end up costing you an extra 30-50 bucks or so.

Also, another great thing about purchasing unique articles is that you can let your demo be indexed.

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Just use inspector and change the text on menu items, headers, and captions then send a screenshot.