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Hello there guys I would just like to say Hi to the community, I never even realised there was a social aspect to this site even if it is in the background.

So about me

I am a bit of a jack of all trades computer related to be honest I am not the best at anything neither do I claim to be, However I do work hard to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.

By day I am actually an IT Engineer where I spend most my time building and repairing Joe Publics and corporate computers/laptops and tablets etc.

But the real fun is my passion for design where I have had quite a lot of success for someone who is self taught but then went and got educated in this area after I was already making money from it. If you are anything like me then you will be 1 of those people that always wants to incorporate things beyond the capabilities of 1 program.

I started out doing photo retouching in photoshop and that naturally leant towards illustrator and lightroom.

I have been a long time user of photoshop (since photoshop 7 old ps not cc) where some of you may have seen me on 1 of the largest photoshop forums which I am a staff member.

So what do I do 10 years on since I discovered Photoshop

well simply put I will try anything but the areas I really focus on are 3d Design using Cinema 4d I love making static 3d images and bringing nice 3d renders into photoshop to finish off.

Of course Using Cinema 4d that also entails me to do short animations mainly I do what I call youtube intros.

I also love using After Effects

I can also do Web Design which I love because that changing every 10 mins as the web progresses and more people have higher speeds. I am pleased to say I designed my first web page when I was 13 I am now 32 so back then the internet was not what it is now, there was no html5 or flash etc it was html coffecup or notepad. But I am thankful to the programs these days that makes web design that so much more exciting such as Dreamweaver and Muse.

So yeah I use these programs often Cinema 4d After Effects Photoshop Light Room Illustrator Fireworks Dreamweaver Muse Edge Animate

A day does not go by where I dont use at least 3 of them in a professional manner and most of all fun…

I also love to teach where some of you may know if you have seen me around photoshop related forums and last year actually got certified as an official Adobe instructor.

So that is me saying Hi long winded I know but I am a chatty person

Nice to meet you…