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Hi everyone.

I am hoping someone can help as the themes I’ve found on ThemeForest don’t seem to be up to what I want to achieve.

I am looking for a theme that would allow me to features properties to rent (for vacation purposes) in Spain.

So for example, I would offer certain packages to property owners to feature their property.

What I am looking for is a combination of:

- Property Showcase; - Booking / Inquiry functionality i.e. a customer is interested in a property, so they fill in a form to get in touch with the owner; - Availability calenders controlled by the property owner;

There are some good themes on here that have some of the functionality, but not the full package. I am interested to see if anyone knows of any themes that have this or that perhaps could have this by the use of certain plugins, etc.

As some inspiration, what we’re trying to achieve is a website similar to http://www.homeaway.co.uk/Spain/.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,