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Right I think I can answer most of this :)

The shop is for dance shoes/clothes in general

It will be Wordpress, and we are considering using this theme: http://themeforest.net/item/cumico-wp-ecommerce-theme/4185314

So shop is powered by WooCommerce

As for how many products, I would say between 3000-5000. at most, and this would be after a while of the shop being up and running online

Traffic in the last few months we had this: Nov 659 hits Dec 670 hits Jan 656 hits Feb 1200 hits (i have been told 75% of this were new)

I need to confirm that these figures are right for the traffic though. As I am not convinced we had that much.

We are only a small business and are aiming to stock to local dance studios and students.

Anymore help will be greatly appreciated

Really thank you to all that are posting. I am really learning so much off you all :)